Tokyo eyes prime island real estate
US plays a bit part in Pyongyang's parade
Phoenix-like Ozawa set to re-ignite Japan
US, Japan: Not quite 20-20 vision
When ping-pong diplomacy stirred Korea
Cold comfort for Japan-South Korea ties
South Korea makes waves with China pacts
Pyongyang starts to feel the heat
Japan, China bypass US in currency trade
Noda future hangs on a tax thread
Failure will hit Kim hard
North Korea targets reset in Japan relations
Twist and shout, Kim style

gThe moment politics becomes dull, democracy is in danger.h
Lord Hailsham (British lawyer and politician, 1907-2001)

Young general comes out as mother's boy
Rocket reaction follows familiar trajectory

gPoliticians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even when there is no river.h
Nikita Khrushchev (Soviet Communist leader, 1894-1971)

Lee puts Japan-Korea ties on the rocks
Osprey a new tinderbox on Okinawa
US Marines eye Japan as a training yard
Feb 11, 2012
Okinawans see duplicity in US withdrawal

gWhen you're abroad, you're a statesman; when you're at home, you 're just a politician.h
Sir Harold MacMillan (British statesman and prime minister, 1894-1986)

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Pragmatism warms Russo-Japanese relations
Damage control, not the end of nukes
Noda feels heat over Osprey deployment
Out with the old guard in Pyongyang

Twist and shout, Kim style

North Korea's young leader Kim Jong-eun swayed and twisted his body 111 times during his 20-minute speech before tens of thousands of people in Pyongyang on Sunday. The young leader also did a pretty good job of imitating in voice and dress his grandfather and founder of the nation, Kim Il-sung, in a clear move to cement his dynastic credentials.
- Kosuke Takahashi (Apr 16, '12)

Treaty offers way out for Tokyo and Seoul

gBeliefs in inevitability of conflict will become a source of conflict.hJoseph Nye (a speech at Keio University in 2010)


Is the Osprey safe?
Japan sets sights on Pyongyang's launch
China, Japan stretch peace pacts

gWe need to live in a world where we do not define our success by someone else's failure.h
Bill Clinton (Former U.S. President, 1946- )