Japan: A new battle over Okinawa

United States President Barack Obama's visit to Japan comes as rifts deepen between Washington and the new government in Tokyo over US troops in Okinawa. Tokyo still sees the US's strike capabilities as crucial for ensuring Japan's security, but it is gradually shifting its axis of cooperation towards Asian nations. - Kosuke Takahashi (Nov 13, '09)
Japan on the brink of a new era

http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Japan/images/yukio280809.gif Japan's election this weekend pits Prime Minister Taro Aso against Yukio Hatoyama, a battle of blue-bloods replicating a struggle between their grandfathers. Hatoyama's anticipated thumping victory will end the one-party domination of the Liberal Democratic Party. Hatoyama, described as "stubborn, decisive and bold", will need these traits and more to deliver on his promises of change through his mantra of fraternity. - Kosuke Takahashi (Aug 28, '09)
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Japan on the Brink of a New Era

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Japan: A New Battle Over Okinawa