Japan's new round of musical chairs
Ichiro Ozawa, known as "The Destroyer" for his record in Japanese politics, aims to take over leadership of the ruling party from Prime Minister Naoto Kan. If Ozawa succeeds, Japan will have its third premier in a year. Debate rages on if change at the top can stop the economic rot, but the nation is focused on a race where "one poison drives out another". - Kosuke Takahashi (Aug 27, '10)
Ten-yen stores capture deflation dilemma

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Japan's new round of musical chairs


Jan 12, 2010
Hatoyama to Nanjing, Hu to Hiroshima?
China signals V for victory
Chinese signal V for victory
The Chinese media have raved about a diplomatic victory in the dispute with Japan over the arrest and eventual release of a Chinese fishing-boat captain near disputed islands in the East China Sea. But the story is far from over. Beijing's frightening of Tokyo into submission with economic threats has led other Asian nations to regard China as a hegemon reverting to old ways. - Kosuke Takahashi (Oct 4, '10)
China scholars enter Okinawa fray
Japan gets tough with new defense policy